Some selected writings


Health issues in India

- Madhok R. Health for all in India: Nightmare, dream or reality? (Indian Journal of Community Medicine 2005)

-  Madhok R. Global health challenges: The Indian conundrum  (British Journal of Medical Practitioners 2009)

-  Madhok R. Doctors and health developments in India: An outsider’s perspective (Indian Journal of Medical Ethics 2012)


Health issues in the NHS

-  Madhok R. Doctors should care to lead (Health Service Journal 2012)

-  Madhok R. Taking the NHS to India (abroad): reasons to be cheerful/careful (The BMJ 2013)


Leadership reflections

-  Madhok R. For what it is worth: Observations on management and leadership in the NHS, and the role of doctors in the future

-  Madhok R. For what it is worth: Personal reflections on working as a Council member at the GMC

-  Madhok R. Doctors in the new millennium: Hippocrates or Hypocrites?



- Madhok R. A collection of reflective writings during a career in the NHS (NOTE: This is a large document and may take time to download)