Why we are doing this

India is going through a massive transformation. The health sector is growing very fast – and rightly so – yet the health inequalities are widening, costs are soaring and there is limited quality control of services. We need to develop and support a cadre of leaders who can help during this transition period; leaders who can take an overview, balance the pragmatic with the ideal and overall help make progress.

In addition, given that almost one in six person in the world is an Indian and the vast health inequalities in India, and given that there are almost 1.2 million doctors of Indian origin worldwide and the strong track record of innovation (Jugaad), India is both, the problem and the solution to the global health burden. Being an Indian doctor therefore is a huge responsibility and an immense privilege, and we hope to work with and support them.

Health is going to be a defining issue for all societies in the 21st century and the world will look to India, amongst other BRIC nations, to set an example and provide the leadership.  We hope that this initiative will help develop the necessary leadership capacity and capability.